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Zibo Zhuoda Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Name:Zibo Zhuoda Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Categories:Energy & Power

Company Address:China - Shandong - Zibo

Company Introduction

  Zibo Zhuoda Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy enterprise specialized in R & D, production, sales and solar energy utilization engineering design, installation, transformation and operation of contract energy management.

  In December 2016, the company successfully listed in Qilu equity trading center, name: Zhuoda energy, ownership code: 300806

  In March 2015, CCTV Science and Education Channel "into Science" made a special feature film, "warm Ceramics" for ceramic solar panels. The company was specially invited by Shandong TV to participate in the excellent Enterprise Exhibition and broadcast program. The solar energy project, as an environmental protection and energy saving enterprise encouraged by the state, has been awarded the title of "special visit to advanced enterprise". The company has followed the management philosophy of scientific and technological innovation, quality-oriented, performance-first, and successively with Shandong academy of science and technology. Shandong Architectural University, Sichuan Panzhihua College and other universities have established long-term cooperative relations, innovated constantly in practice, and made great efforts to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in the application of science and technology in the field of new energy.

  At present, the ceramic hollow solar collector produced by the company can be assembled into a separate balcony wall hanging solar energy, balcony panels with solar energy, but also can be perfectly combined with the building to form a solar roof.

  The ceramic hollow solar collector has broken the traditional idea of solar collector, completely changed the material, manufacturing process and product structure of solar collector, thus making the use, manufacturing cost, service life of solar water heater. Significant and fundamental changes have taken place in the production cost of unit hot water, which has solved the problem of economic feasibility of solar energy utilization and has shown great economic and technological advantages. The project has been certified by the state ISO9001. "National Spark Plan 2007) Project," one of the 1000 key projects in Shandong Province "and" industrialization demonstration Project "in Shandong Province, has won the excellent results of energy conservation in Zibo City in 2010 and the major achievements in energy conservation in Zibo City in 2011. Excellent achievements in energy saving and so on.

  (according to the company's market planning and operation needs, Zibo Zhuoda Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the company's headquarters and production base, Zibo Jinyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as technology research and development experimental base.)

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