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Shandong Jinhua Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Name:Shandong Jinhua Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Categories:Energy & Power

Company Address:China - Shandong - Zibo

Company Introduction

  Shandong Jinhua Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry of high and low voltage switchgear professional manufacturer,the construction of western high-voltage, low-voltage electrical fixed-point production units by state support, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association member units, Shandong Provincial high-tech enterprises, have provincial research and development center " of Shandong Province high and low voltage switchgear engineering technology research center, Zibo City top 100 industrial enterprises", Zibo City top 100 private enterprises, Zibo City integrity of advanced enterprise construction units, Zibo City Harmonious business.

  Company mainly produces, manufacture ,and sells JHAPF active power filter device, JHSVG static synchronous reactive power compensation device, high and low voltage electrical switches and complete sets of equipment, power distribution equipment (power box, switchgear, ring network cabinets, distribution boxes, boxes Substations and enclosures, busbar, reactive power compensation device, DC power supply complete sets of equipment), cable trays, transformers and other six categories more than 80 varieties of products. Products won the second session of China International New Technology Brand Exhibition Gold Award.

Company Products