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Pultruded Insulation Sections

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China - Shandong - Zibo
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  • Diameter:Φ18-60

    I. Product Introduction

    Pultruded insulation sections are made of glass-fiber reinforced epoxy composite insulating materials, includingvarious standard sections such as square tubes, rectangle tubes, cycle tubes, and bars, as well as various nonstandard sections tailored for clients. Our products could be made into various parts through proper connections and combinations, which could be widely used in different industries and fields such as power generation and distribution, railway system insulations, communications and transportations, for examples, insulation cross arms, insulation towers, crane spans, ladders, guard bars, power plant brackets, sports facilities, structural sections used in cooling towers, tool handles and other bearing structures. 

    The major features of the products are as follows: 

    1.1 Corrosion Resistance

    Pultruded insulation sections have excellent resistances to acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents as well as weathers. Therefore, they could be used in coastal areas, inland salinized soil areas, industrial areas and the areas with frequent acid rains.

    1.2 Light-Weight and Non-Maintenance Demand
    Pultruded insulation sections are made of composite materials with the weights of one second of those of the materials with the same mechanical strength. Therefore, the costs of transportation and installation as well as the manpower could be significantly reduced, especially in the mountainous and remote areas that can hardly be accessed. Given their unique performances in terms of insulation, weather-resistance and chemical resistance, the maintenances of composite materials could be reduced or exempted.
    13. Anti-Aging Performance
    Different from ordinary thermoplastic plastics, the Pultruded insulation sections could be used for decades.
    1.4 Insulating Performance
    Pultruded insulation sections have excellent insulating performance to ensure that no electromagnetic fields or sparks could be caused. The sectionscould be used in the equipment areas with electric conduction hazards and magnetic sensitivities as well as the areas with flammable and combustible materials.
    1.5 Thermal Properties
    Pultruded insulation sections are a kind of heat insulation material with thermal expansion coefficient that is much lower than that of the ordinary plastics, which could express excellentmechanical properties at low temperatures and will not melt at high temperatures. However, the strength and modulus may reduce to certain extent at high temperatures.  

  • Company Name
    Place of Origin
    China - Shandong - Zibo

      Aiming at electrical industry, Shandong Xun Shi Electrical Co.,LTD is a professional hi-tech company involved in power technology and the development, manufacture as well as sales of corresponding products. It is running with standard management and 90  high quility staff including 3 with PhD. Degree, 8 with Master degree and 80% with college degree.

      The company is devoted to the development and promotion of serial products with advanced technology and stable performance for insulation and overvoltage protection of power system so as to boost healthy and fast development of power industry.

      Shandong Xun Shi Electrical Co.,LTD is specialized in producing serial products against lightning breakage of covered conductors in the order of 10kV~220kV, which is well known in this industry. So far, there are over 20 varieties and more than 50 specifications. The main products include: stab-type arc-protection hardware against lightning breakage of covered conductors in the order of 10kV and 20kV;ring-shape electrode or stab-type electrode composite MOA with series gap used on AC 10kV ~220kV transmission lines; and clamping composite/porcelain insulator used on 10kV ~220kV covered conductors. In October, 2008, CREC Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., LTD., as the main unit, applied for the State Science and Technology Support Program: Traction Technology of High Speed Train . Our company takes charge of the development of the products and technology relating to lightning protection for railways, which provides broad space for the development of our company.

      The company spends great effort on co-operation with well known universities and institutions through the mode of transfering study and research output to productivity and application for the sake of improving the innovation capability of the company. Up to now, the company has won 46 patents, including 9 patents and 37 new utility models.

      Shandong Xun Shi Electrical Co.,LTD establishes ‘better quality inside, better image outside’ in management and firmly follows the aim of ‘pursuing excellence, serving power system’. ‘Quality first, customer first’ is our priciple. ‘Faithful, factualistic, effective, pioneering and enterprising’ is our belief. We sincerely welcome you to come and creat cooperation relationship with us for the splendid future.

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