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SCB10 and SCB11 of dry-type distribution transformer

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China - Shandong - Zibo
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    Overview: the series of 10kV dry-type transformer adopts advance technology, with high reliability and long service life. According to different protection levels, it may add protective shell. It applies to urban power grid, commercial centre, airport, tunnel, station, wharf, high-rise building, hospital and other important places, and also matches with combined type of substation.

    ● Coil adopts winding of copper conductor or foil, with glass fiber reinforcement, to shape after entire casting of vacuum degassing of epoxy resin without padding. It has high mechanical strength, resistance to the short circuit and strong resistance to shock.

    ● Iron core is folded by high-quality oriented silicon steel sheets by means of 45°of total bias seam and ladder marching style of lamination to effectively reduce no-load loss and noise of product.

    ● It reserves longitudinal air duct inside cylinder wall of entirely cast high-low voltage coil, and may outfit forced air cooling device so that improve rated output capacity.

    ● The product is equipped with temperature controller to monitor the temperature of transformer, and automatically start and shut off cooling fan; it has high temperature alarm and overheats trip function to provide reliable overload protection for dry-type transformer so that improves the operational safety of dry-type transformer.

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    Shandong Huineng Electric Co., Ltd,
    Place of Origin
    China - Shandong - Zibo

    Shandong Huineng Electric Co., Ltd, located in the "ancient capital of Qi"-Zibo City , is a innovative growth enterprise which has leading products of high-low pressure electric complete set of equipments and integrated scientific research and development , production and operation and technical service. Built in Aug, 2003, up to now,the company has completed 75 million yuan of registered capital, and over one hundred million yuan of fixed assets; it has more than 280 employees, among which above 80% employees with education background of technical secondary school above. Over the years, based on the concept to pursue excellence and the spirit of open innovation, it devotes itself to providing high-quality product and service to SGCC and broad users' projects and increasingly develops into the well-known enterprise in manufacturing industry of electric equipments in complete set in China.

    Since the establishment of company, it has continuously established power transmission and distribution engineering and technological research center of Zibo City through close cooperation with Xi'an High-voltage Electrical Appliance Institute, Shandong University of Technology, Schneider (China) Electric Company and many scientific research institution, universities and colleges and multinational corporations, promoted the technology level and internal quality of products, and gradually realized the product structure pattern of "No one I have and I have excellent" covering extensive fields, which greatly enhances the core competence of enterprise.

    The company always persists in taking quality control as center, positively integrates with the international advanced quality control modes, takes the development road of quality and benefit, establishes a whole set of perfect quality control system, successively gets ISO9001:2008 quality authentication certificate and "3C" certificate for low voltage product, as well as the first to pass electric energy product authentication in the same industry in China.

    The company has excellent processing equipments, advanced production process and complete detection facilities. Since 2004, it has successively invested heavily to introduce numerical control press, numerical control plate shears, numerical control bending machine, full-automatic numerical control busbar processing machine and other CNC machining equipments with world leading level, built up 800m2of three-dimensional material warehouse, and two production lines for VS1 and ZN85 breaker. It firstly sets up the product partial discharge test room in the same industry in China, which promotes the equipping level of enterprise and increasingly enhances the vitality of sustainable development of enterprise.

    For years, with product marketing of company being continuously strengthened and expanded, it successively provides the first digital substation--Tianjin Chenfu 220KV substation, Tianjin Lutai 500KV switching station project, power company limited of northern Hevei province, Jiangsu electric power company, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, Shengli power station and other major projects and users in China with high-quality products and service and wins universal praise.

    The fittest Survives in market competition. At present, facing to the new opportunities and new challenges brought by state smart grid, we will continuously focus on clients, strive to explore the best management mode suitable to features of our company, reinforce standardization operation and sincerely cooperate with vast customers depending on reliable quality, the price with competitive power and perfect after-sales service to make positive contribution to the development of electric power of China.

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