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Thai Bao Jin Jude

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China - Shandong - Zibo
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  • Gold Jude is the world's first large number of alkaline water-soluble fertilizer, the use of patented ammonium polyphosphate chelation medium and small trace elements, In particular, add polyglutamic acid, improve fertilizer efficiency of more than 50%, an increase of more than 30%, with a comprehensive and balanced nutrition effect, is a new multi-functional water-soluble fertilizer.

    1-  It has a good improvement on the acidic soils in the southern acid soils and in the economic crops in northern China.

    2- Polyglutamic acid extracted from the patented strain fermentation broth is a natural plant growth regulator, fertilizer synergist, soil water retention agent, soil improver, heavy metal adsorbent, can effectively improve fertilizer utilization, improve crop quality.

    3- High nutrient content, appropriate proportion, good water solubility, chemical stability, can be quickly absorbed by the crop, a comprehensive and sustainable supply of nutrients.

    4- Promote crop germination, flowering, fruit, fruit enlargement and reduce the effect of falling flowers, make the plant robust, Leaf hypertrophy, dark green, Department of developed, increased capillary root.

  • Company Name
    Shandong Taibao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin
    China - Shandong - Zibo

      handong Taibao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a bio-fertilizer, pesticide research and development, production and sales as one of the emerging biological high-tech enterprises.

      The company and Nankai University, Yunnan University, Shandong Academy of Sciences and other well-known institutions to establish a platform for technical cooperation, hired many experts and professors to create biotechnology research center. Company invited Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Yu, Yunnan University doctoral tutor Professor Mo Ming and Shandong Academy of Forestry Dr. Niu Guang and other technical experts, the company already has 10 national patents, new fertilizer certification of 15, of which 2 billion / Grams of biological agents domestic only registered.

      The company's main products include bio-organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, microbial agents, water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, soil conditioner and other 6 series totaling more than 30 varieties, the main varieties of Shandong market share ranked first.

      In the next few years, the company will carry out the research and development of new fertilizers, relying on the advantages of the new multifunctional microbial fertilizer engineering technology research center, especially the improvement of saline-alkali soil improver, marine organism (seaweed) extract and bioactive substances against root-knot nematodes, Polyphosphoric alkaline chelated water-soluble fertilizer, soil-borne stubble disease, heavy metal pollution, soil remediation and development and application of low-grade phosphate mine as the main projects of research&development and technology conversion .

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