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Heavy duty vehicle gear oil

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China - Shandong - Zibo
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    Heavy duty vehicle gear oil

    product manual
    Ralph heavy-duty gear oil uses refined high-viscosity index paraffin mineral base oil and synthetic base oil, together with selected sulfur-based multi-functional additives, which are harmonized with leading international production processes. Has a high viscosity index to ensure excellent viscosity characteristics over a wide temperature range. This product is added with high-quality additives and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-emulsification, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.
    Selected sulfur-phosphorus composite additives make the oil with excellent load-bearing capacity and can handle all kinds of harsh conditions, such as heavy-duty vehicle climbing and sudden braking;
    Excellent load-bearing capacity, high speed and low torque can provide stable protection to the gear set under low speed and high torque.
    Excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability, effectively delay oil degradation and thickening, prevent the formation of deposits near the seals, keep the gear surface clean and reduce wear;
    Excellent water separation and anti-foam properties provide excellent long-term protection
    Recommended Use
    Applicable to the lubrication of drive axles and transmission gears of cars, trucks, passenger cars, and construction machinery. Provides excellent power while ensuring gear system lubrication.
    Viscosity level
    80W/90 85W/90 85W/140

  • Company Name
    Shandong Leierfu Railway Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd
    Place of Origin
    China - Shandong - Zibo

    Shandong Leierfu Railway Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. is a company which is specialized in the lubricating oil industry. The company is located in Qilu Petrochemical Oil production Station. Our company adopts the enterprise mode integrating the production, R&D, storage & transportation and service of lubricating oil. The products cover many petrochemical engineering fields, such a soil for automobiles, oil for motorcycles, oil for engineering machinery, special oil, etc. The company has provided services for customers in various regions. Customer satisfaction is above 98%. 
    Our science and technology: Improve the product guarantee with the advanced technology.

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