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Pump Industry
Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation
Alliance brief introduction

As one of Zibo's characteristic industries, the pump is an important part of Zibo's machinery industry. It is in the forefront of the industry in the country in terms of overall production capacity, scale efficiency, market share, etc., and has obvious regional characteristics and agglomeration effects. The pump industry in Zibo started in the 1930s. After more than 80 years of development, it has become a pillar industry in Zibo. In 2006, Boshan District of Zibo City was awarded the title of "China's Pump City" by the China Machinery Industry Federation. In 2007, it passed the review and acceptance of the "National Torch Plan Zibo Pump Manufacturing Special Industry Base" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The government approved it as a "provincial high-quality pump production base" and was commended as "the Shandong Province energy-saving electromechanical pump manufacturing base". Zibo has become one of the main bases of China's pump industry.