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Refractory Material
Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation
Alliance brief introduction

Through the upstream and downstream integration and horizontal integration development, the companies in the alliance improve the product structure, realize product diversification and market scale. Based on the needs of the enterprise, they hold consultation meetings of general contracting models of different enterprises to establish "one-to-one" Long-term communication mechanism to solve technical problems in the production and service transformation of enterprises. Provides full-process services including design, production, field installation and service around the steel, glass and cement industries.

Alliance companies innovate the pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service models, implement "turnkey service" and other model innovations, provide overall solutions, and set up metallurgical thermal experts, refractories technical experts, and design and construction companies from downstream application areas. As well as a refractory solution expert advisory group composed of engineering implementation professionals, it provides consulting services for general contracting business.