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Wastewater Treatment Solution
Industry solution

Water treatment is required in order to achieve the tight specifications on water quality for the various uses to maintain and improve the standards that are required in today's manufacturing environments. Below shows the applicable industries that be able to implement:


Process water

To prevent oxygen and carbon dioxide caused equipment corrosion,depend on the application, the water quality requirements can be different.

Application use: boiler water, cooling water for heat exchanger or engine, chemical dilution. Etc.,

Drinking water

Drinking water must be free of solids, microorganisms and toxic chemicals. for minerals should have a maximum concentration recommended to ensure safety use.

Process wastewater recycle

Condensate polishing/Flue Gas Desulfurization/Removal of sulfate in Chloralkali process/mining sulfate removal/seawater desalination/Spent caustic purification

Irrigation water

Irrigation water is the reuse of municipal wastewater and drainage water, compare with rain resource and surface water, reuse water is essential from eco-friendly and reliable factors.

Ultrapure water

Ultrapure water (UPW) is water that has been purified to very strict specifications, containing by definition only H20, and H+ and OH- ions in equilibrium, mainly used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry.

Ultrapure water production often is produced through processes like membrane filtration or ion exchange to reach the ultimate conductivity.

Food & beverage

Water is used as an ingredient, a cleaning agent, heat exchange purposes, which causes the problem of a large amount of wastewater produced continuously.