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Definition of Plasma Treatment

Plasma is a matter that exists in the form of ions and electrons. Basically, it is a gas that's been electrified charged with freely moving electrons in both the negative and positive states.

The situation is proofing a result of further energy being given to a gas which causes the breaking free of negatively charged electrons from the nucleus. On a deeper level, plasma can be described as a gas that's been partially ionized. It is a mixture of neutral atoms, atomic ions, electrons, molecular ions, and molecules present in excited and ground states. The charges (positive and negative) balance each other, therefore; a good number of these charges are electrically neutral. 

The charged particles present in plasma are responsible for its high electrical conductivity. Since plasma consists of electrons, molecules or neutral gas atoms, positive ions, UV light along with excited gas molecules and atoms, it carries a good amount of internal energy. And when all these molecules, ions and atoms come together and interact with a particular surface, plasma treatment is initiated.