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Reverse osmosis demineralization


When pressure is applied to the concentrate solution, the water molecules are forced to flow through the semi-permeable membrane (The contaminants are left behind since the semi-permeable membrane is only permeable to water molecules and not permeable to ions and other contaminants).

How does reverse osmosis work?

In practice, reverse osmosis is applied as a flow filtration process.

A high-pressure pump is used to increase the pressure on the origin of the RO and force the water to flow across the semi-permeable membrane., leaving most part (approximately 95%-99%) of the dissolved salts behind the stream.

Within the membrane system, the feed water will be split into a low-saline product, called permeate, and a high saline solution called concentrate, brine or reject stream.


Applications of   RO system

l  Municipal drinking water

l  Food and beverage industry

l  Agricultural irrigation

l  Industrial ultrapure water

l  Industrial process water

l  Wastewater reuse

l  Power industry (boiler feed water, cooling towers)

l  Municipal/industrial water reuse

l  Households