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Applications of Differential Pressure Transmitters

Differential pressure transmitters can be used for reaction and process monitoring in a range of industrial sectors, with high resistance to corrosive media and atmospheric moisture. The diaphragms are typically fabricated from stainless steel and are inherently resistant to oxidization and gas adsorption. The electronic module can be calibrated to perform for dry and wet leg applications, providing accurate pressure readings for materials that evaporate or condensate. Further applications of differential pressure transmitters include low-temperature reaction tank monitoring in the chemical sector and filtration monitoring for a range of flow systems.

Electromagnetic flowmeter

The Electromagnetic flow meter does not leave any obstructions in the pipe, so they are able to accommodate various applications from clean and conductive liquids. Electromagnetic flow meters are very well recommended for food-grade applications like Juices, Milk, Municipal or Industrial Water, etc. These meters are also suitable for liquids were there are a lot of suspended particles like Sewage, Waste Water, Chemicals, Slurries, etc.


Capacitance Continuous Level Measurement Probes

Since there are many applications where level measurement is performed, applications could be measuring the level of solids or liquids. Some of the typical applications for liquid level measurement would be lift stations in wastewater treatment systems, borehole or well level measurement, level of a liquid in a tank, etc. Some of the applications for the solid level measurement would be grain storage silos, dust collectors, pneumatic conveying receivers, and more.

Compact capacitive pressure transmitter

• Specific high-performance ASIC conditioning circuit; • Dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor; • Robust ceramic capacitive sensitive membrane; 

• Excellent anti-corrosive and anti-wear performance;  • Suitable for pollution and corrosive environment;  • Various electrical connectors optional; • 0.5…4.5V and 4…20mA analog output or I2C and SPIdigital output;

Chloride residue analyzer

The innovative equipment sulfate and chloride analyzer uses microfluidic capillary electrophoresis, an ionic separation technology, to directly measure trace levels of harmful sulfate and chloride ions. With on-line measurements every 45 minutes, it allows the customer to monitor the water and steam cycle continuously. The sulfate and chloride analyzer help customers catch contamination early so that corrective action can be taken to avoid unplanned shutdowns and costly repairs.

Water Level Sensors

Non-contact radar level transmitters can be used for the measurement of almost any liquid and many solids in storage tanks, vessels or during processing. Radar level transmitters are extremely versatile because they are unaffected by any changes to product or process: pressure, dielectric properties, temperature, density, conductivity, vapors or dust.