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Carbon remover & Reaction kettle & Anti Corrosion Pipe Line

Carbon remover

Carbon remover is a device for removing free carbon dioxide from water quality by using the method of Blast degassing. The water is led in it from the upper part of the device through the sprinkler device and flows through the surface of the backing layer. Air enters the reverse from the lower wind gap to pass through the backing layer. The free carbon dioxide in the water is rapidly resolved and enters into the air, and is discharged from the top. In the water treatment process, it is usually set in the back of the hydrogen ion-exchanger and reverse osmosis equipment. Under normal preparation1 after degassing by the carbon remover1 the remaining carbon dioxide in the water does not exceed Smg/liter.

Reaction kettle

In general understanding, Reaction kettle refers to the container of physical or chemical reactions. Through the design of the vessel structure and the configuration of the parameters, it achieves the heat evaporation and low-speed mixing functions requirements. Reaction kettle is widely used in petrochemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, and is used to complete the pressure vessel of nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymeriza­tion, condensation and other processes, such as reactor, reaction vessel, decomposition pot, polymerization kettle and so on. The materials generally include zirconium nickel base alloy and other composite materials.

Anti Corrosion Pipe Line

Anti-corrosion pipeline refers to those pipelines which are by using the coating, sleeve, electrochemistry and other methods, to slow down or prevent the chemical electrochemical action of internal and external media.