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ZJ type slurry pump

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Place of Origin: China - Shandong - Zibo
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ZJ type slurry pump serveries namely single-stage single-suction 、axial suction overhung horizontal centrifugal pump,all are widely used in coal washing、power plant、mine、metallurgy etc area.

ZJ type slurry pump is energy-efficientsingle-stage、 single-suction 、centrifugal slurry pump,developed by xinlida company .They are structured into two type of slurry pumps ,horizontal type(ZJ type)and vertical type(ZJL type).Horizontal type pumps outlet diameter has 400mm、300mm、250mm、200mm、100mm、80mm、65mm、50mm、40mm etc variety of specifications.Vertical type pumps outlet diameter has 150mm、100mm、80mm、65mm、50mm variety of specifications.

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