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PVC advertising board

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Place of Origin: China - Shandong - Zibo
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Product Description:

Produced by our company is a kind of plastic and wood and plastic instead of steel of the new type of green environmental protection material, light texture, good toughness, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other characteristics, surface printing, laminating, or made into a variety of color, can be saw, like visual nails, drilling, planing and other secondary processing.

Product Name:PVC advertising board
Product Size:1220*2440mm;1560*3050mm;2050*3050mm(长度可调)
Product Thickness:1-32mm
Product Denseness:可调
Product Hardness:20-70(D)
Product Color:可选色(白、黑、红、黄、蓝等)
Product Use:

Can be widely used in professional screen printing, exhibition board, color logo, signs, computer lettering, etc., also can be used as a decorative board. Acoustic board, partition panel water resistant kitchenware.
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