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PVC flame retardant construction template

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Place of Origin: China - Shandong - Zibo
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PVC flame retardant building a template to replace steel templates and bamboo glue board of green environmental protection safety and energy saving of new template. Is qualitative light, impact resistance, easy to assemble, turnover rate is high, the surface is smooth, not hygroscopic, no mildew, acid and alkali resistance, no crack, board of big, less seams, sawing, nailing, any length can be processed into a number of advantages.

Product Name:PVC flame retardant construction template
Product Size:915*1830mm;1220*2440mm(Specifications can be adju)
Product Thickness:8-25mm
Product Denseness:adjustable
Product Hardness:adjustable
Product Color:adjustable
Product Use:

PVC flame retardant construction template when using need not besmear brushs tuomoji, easy cleaning and maintenance; Also can be repeatedly used hundreds of times. In case of damage, all can be recycled, green environmental protection

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