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One-stop Trade Platform

CHEE-TRADELINK is a mid-market firm with state own capital investment that has been established a significant global market layout and focused on the pharmaceutical, petrol-chemical catalyst, water & gas on-site treatment, power system engineering solutions. Leveraging our 12 years of experience and resources, we are seeking business cooperation and expansion all over the world.

CHEE-TRADELINK is designed to combine marketplace expertise with sophisticated trade action to build up the B2B marketplace that will tremendously boost up business and leverage existing market channels while developing a new business sector. Through our intelligent programming engine filter the right resources to the end buyer at the very time.

The CHEE TRADELINK headquarter located in the advanced ceramic industry innovation park, Zibo City, Shandong Province, includes conference centers, information, and technology center, training center, restaurant, and auxiliary equipment room. TRADELINK conducts business in Russia and neighboring countries through its partner the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and industry. TRADELINK has representative offices in Mumbai and Calcutta of India, Lahore, and Karachi of Pakistan, Qunshan city of South Korea, etc.

CHEE TRADELINK has four sub-systems: product display system, foreign trade service system, profit distribution system, and overseas warehouse management system, forming a complete cross-border e-commerce service solution, providing enterprise services covering international orders, logistics, customs clearance, insurance, finance, exhibition, overseas warehouse, etc. The platform mainly focuses on creating a good production and trade cycle system in Shandong Province.

Partnership with firms in Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia, established service centers in a convenient location, with 2-3 marketing staff in charge.

In India, CHEE TRADELINK has established a joint venture entity in India Kolkata with a dominated industrial service center supporting Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Angola. 

In Russia, build up a 10,000m2 oversea logistic warehouse to easy the product transportation and business expansion. The Moscow Chamber of Commerce E-platform has completed the API exchange with CHEE-TRADELINK.

In Vietnam, offering oversea warehouse service for local Chinese construction & building material center. 

In Nigeria, promote China pharmaceutical company export API & intermediate for medical purposes.

In Thailand, export diesel & biomass & syn-gas generator for agriculture industry usage.

Company Culture

Focusing on the market demand to build a framework ,work carefully and meticulously to supply good service

Relying on innovation in science and technology to seek breakthroughs, using capital cooperation to seek development.

Our vision

Become the most reliable and professional cross-border comprehensive service provider in the industry

Our principle

Honesty, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation

Our aim

It effectively solves many problems for local industrial companies such as lack of information, difficult to expand the international market, lack of design, lack of brand, weak talents, fund troubles, and weak risk control ability.

Our philosophy

Through “ Consulting Approach” and “Expert-Level” services, the company provides one-stop full hosting of “finding demand, finding products, servicing orders, and comprehensive foreign trade services”.

Our spirit

Manner, Fervor, Intention;

Shandong ark information technology co ltd was founded in 2007, Specializing in e-commerce platform construction, operation maintenance, intranet information security management. Since its establishment, the company has provided thousands of enterprises with related services to help customers realize the transformation from traditional management mode to Internet-based concept.

Shandong ark information technology co ltd has a reliable team with e-commerce operation experience and technical strength, dedicate to pay attention to technology innovation and operation management. From planning, implementation, training, operation and detailed process of all aspects of management, the company genuinely offer the opportunities for traditional enterprise who intend to transform into internet-based model operation. With years of industrial experience and data management, the company strives to become first-class e-commerce and intranet security service provider.


Hyper fusion infrastructure is based on hardware servers to maximize data center capacity expansion and data availability. The core of hyper fusion architecture is a virtual machine, which improves the computing efficiency and storage space of the cluster. It has the advantages of simplicity, efficiency, high performance, and easy deployment. In terms of cost control and risk prevention, it does not need to purchase servers and storage separately, which saves a lot of cabinet space and consumes less power. The software and hardware used in the system are unified technical interfaces, and there is no problem of resource contention in the virtualized environment. Resources can be allocated flexibly and conveniently. In the superfusion architecture mode, the virtual machine and storage space used by users are built by software, which makes the underlying physical devices and users keep isolated and realizes the complete fusion of hardware resources and virtualization platforms. Users can add nodes in the form of stacking, and then expand the clustering capacity of hyper fusion architecture.

Data security and leakage prevention solution

-Daily record management

-Security configuration

-Log collection


The disaster recovery backup system refers to the establishment of two or more sets of IT systems with the same functions in remote places, which can monitor the health status and switch functions between them. When one system stops working due to accidents (such as fire, earthquake, etc.), the whole application system can switch to another place, so that the system functions can continue to work normally. Disaster recovery technology is an integral part of the high availability technology of the system. The disaster recovery system emphasizes more on dealing with the impact of the external environment on the system, especially the impact of catastrophic events, on the whole, it node, providing node level system recovery function. 

Enterprise network security solution

-Next-generation firewall AF

The next-generation firewall (AF) is used to build a complete defense system of boundary L2-7, providing various vulnerability detection and protection, risk port detection, malware filtering, botnet, and DDoS attack detection, and providing comprehensive security protection for user network boundary.

-Online behavior management

Build an entire network user-oriented internal risk management and control system to help customers solve the behavioral security problems of the terminal, business and Internet access, bandwidth resources, data security, intelligent analysis, and timely warning of risk events.

-Terminal safety protection

It can provide terminal virus processing, intrusion prevention, vulnerability management, rapid response, and other protection functions. The platform integrates a variety of new detection engines, such as gene detection, Sandbox detection, machine learning, and prediction, to achieve high detection and accuracy of the blackmail virus.

Software development

-OA business management system

-MES production management system

-Enterprise software design

-Advanced website construction

-Wechat App design & development

Shandong qihui international trade co ltd cooperated with Russia land-grant co ltd which was founded in 1996 and registered in Moscow. It has tea beverage processing plants, scientific research department, import and export department, sales department, farm, and breeding base.

The company's business includes food processing, food import and export, domestic sales, food and vegetable planting, livestock and poultry breeding, etc. The farm has 100km2 of the black land, where buckwheat, wheat, rye, barley, and other vegetables are planted. The breeding base covers an area of 0.2km2, with a building area of 20,000m2. The farm is adjacent to the breeding base.

The company's tea beverage processing plant (Brand: continuous, black-dragon) is located in the suburb of Moscow, Russia. It plants and processes nearly 300 kinds of tea drink every day. Its products are sold to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other CIS countries, like Germany, Canada, and other Europe and America regions. Tea drink processing plant is a high-tech enterprise with comprehensive experiences, Germany and Italy cutting-edge production equipment.